Deployment Vote Watch Interactive Tool

This tool visualizes the plenary-level votes in every state covered by the dataset version.
In the left menu, you can

  • select one mission followed by any other combination of filters; OR
  • select one or several countries first and compare all missions voted on in these countries. As soon as you use the mission filter, one mission only can be chosen. Any other selection of filters is possible.

NB: Filters are interactive, i.e. selection of one mission will only show countries where this mission was voted on, and vice versa.

Table PDVD_votes_V2_b9

wdt_ID mission Country chamber Cabinet year date totalyes totalno totalabst totalcast Totalshareyes totalshareno
Avg = 112,70 Avg = 7,80 Avg = 90,90 Avg = 6,10